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On 11.10.2022 the first gas station which offers ecodiesiel with 30 volumetric percent of biodiesel (marked as B30) was officially opened in Slovakia.

Public has now open access to higher bioblended diesel fuel, which provides up to 17% of greenhouse gas emissions emission reduction in comparison to standard B7 diesel. Gas station is located in Leopoldov and is opened 24/7. Ecodiesel B30 is available for use in innovative engines provided by the producers such as Peugeot, Opel, Citroen and DS. Any potential customer may check the compatibility of the engine with B30 fuel on the hedge of gas tank in vehicle.

The opening of gas station is linked with the project of Envien Group which aims to progressively turn its corporate fleet of 75 vehicles to B30 compatibile vehicles until 2024. As part of the opening Association for the Production and use of Biofuels (ZVVB) presented the project Bio-ride. Bio-ride includes not only B30 fuel but also already implemented B20 fuel in two John Deere tractors and B100 fuel used in Scania and Renault trucks.

The purpose of the project is to prove that increased share of biofuels in fuel, such as B30, represents a feasible solution enabling fast greening of the road transport sector. This is an effective way to reduce greenhouse gas emissions, and have a positive influence on decreasing of transport emissions impact on air quality. The project is gaining more and more attention from the public and operators so that the model may become an example of good practice for many others in the decarbonization of transport.